Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last weekend was crazy! I was a "journalist" for the UPeace Model United Nations Conference. The conference is billed as quite the big deal as different embassies sponsor portions of it. Delegates from around the world join with UPeace students in the three day craziness we call UPMUNC (pronounced up-monk). In my ongoing goal of doing things that are new - I signed up to be part of the media team covering the conference and became a video editor for three different news sources. To my video editing friends - I have a new-found and deep respect for what you do! Holy doodle was it hard! It was really fun and I learned a tonne! Our "media" was BBC-UPMUNC, Al Jazeera - English - UPMUNC and FOX News - UPMUNC. Really different perspectives on the happenings. :)

The delegates were all madly working on resolutions and their committee speak ("the delegate from Canada honourable submits...") when the breaking news broke in. Each year an "incident" is introduced half way through the conference to create an additional challenge. This year it was very similar to some of the "real" news and we confused some delegates very very effectively. Here are a couple examples of our different new sources:


Al Jazeera - UPMUNC

One of the events in the news was the kidnapping and torture of two female bloggers (which also made for my second acting experience at UPeace - but this time with my head covered and being tortured by a prof - but I won't upload that video...), which cause a bit of a stir. As the event went along - and we put out more and more news - causing some of the delegates to become frustrated with the interruptions and make "jokes" about what might happen to the media if this continues... The response came from our "Fox News" correspondent (as follows):


Over the three days, I edited 25 videos for the "news"! It was a good experience, but by the end I was exhausted. I have just begun my newest class, Cultures and Learning: From Violence towards Peace - so back to my homework... I hope you're well!

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