Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home is a beautiful place

Well, I submitted my thesis - and I have been waiting (I could pretend and say patiently, but really not so patiently) for the feedback from my second reader so I can declare my thesis actually DONE and submitted. The next step is printing and binding... SO close. A year ago I was starting at UPeace at this time - and now I am back at home getting ready to dive back into life. Craziness!

So - what do you do, when waiting and trying not to fuss, before going back to work? Go on a holiday! Least, that's what I did. I was in Ottawa (and area) last week. Canada is really pretty. I have all the friends scattered around the world who seem to not seem so keen to come visit... but everywhere I go, there is a part of the country that captures my breath and steals a bit of my heart. If you're a far away friend - reconsider... You know you wanna come visit!

I thought I would share some photos from the camping trip Carly and I went on. We went to Driftwood Provincial Park (a few hours NW of Ottawa). It was SO pretty. Some of the photos are from a hike/walk and some from a canoe trip. Ready? I still love moss and plants... this time with some rocks and water tossed in.

Anyway - it is time to get organized as I start back at work tomorrow (yikes!).

Peace and love to you!

(since i am gushing about Canada - probably best to end with a maple leaf, no?)