Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home is a beautiful place

Well, I submitted my thesis - and I have been waiting (I could pretend and say patiently, but really not so patiently) for the feedback from my second reader so I can declare my thesis actually DONE and submitted. The next step is printing and binding... SO close. A year ago I was starting at UPeace at this time - and now I am back at home getting ready to dive back into life. Craziness!

So - what do you do, when waiting and trying not to fuss, before going back to work? Go on a holiday! Least, that's what I did. I was in Ottawa (and area) last week. Canada is really pretty. I have all the friends scattered around the world who seem to not seem so keen to come visit... but everywhere I go, there is a part of the country that captures my breath and steals a bit of my heart. If you're a far away friend - reconsider... You know you wanna come visit!

I thought I would share some photos from the camping trip Carly and I went on. We went to Driftwood Provincial Park (a few hours NW of Ottawa). It was SO pretty. Some of the photos are from a hike/walk and some from a canoe trip. Ready? I still love moss and plants... this time with some rocks and water tossed in.

Anyway - it is time to get organized as I start back at work tomorrow (yikes!).

Peace and love to you!

(since i am gushing about Canada - probably best to end with a maple leaf, no?)


  1. It does look beautiful! And I will totally come visit you! When I have a job. And it is not cold. Also you can come visit me! When you are not working. And it is not cold. Chicago is city pretty, not nature pretty. Hooray for being home!

  2. eep I'm in exactly the same place as you, thesis-wise, so I'll put the (congratulations!!!) in parenthesis... I know the feeling and also can't wait for my second reader to be done!! Anyways, much love. p.s. my grandparents still ask about you ;P