Saturday, September 3, 2016

A northern adventure

Last summer - Carly and I went a fairly large roadtrip - with a flight in the middle. We came home and things got hectic - and the memory cards got set aside. I plugged them in this week - and there are some photos were pretty exciting. So - I thought I'd share some.

One of our stops was in Ketchikan, Alaska. We had two INCREDIBLE hosts that made a beautiful place even more wonderful.

On one of our first days we went on a boat tour of the misty fjords. We had a great time - the clouds rolled in and out with wonderful timing. It was great.

Ketchikan has a crazy number of eagles - they were everywhere. I loved this one, drying off on the tree. 

It was a bit windy...  
Our lovely hostess with the mostest Ms. Amanda, presents the misty fjords! 
Waterfalls that come from a giant crater at the top. They run faster when it rains - so how lucky were we that it was raining? 

Magical sun shining through! 
 While we were there it was the Blueberry Arts Festival. Carly was over the moon excited about the idea of festival dedicated to blueberries. Unfortunately - it's more about art than blueberries. Still lots of fun. :)

One of the events was a recycled fashion show. Teams were given a bag of materials - and the opportunity costume one contestant - who then had to out-perform the other 'models'. Introduce awesome host #2 - a character who can shake it like nobody's business! I don't remember if our team won... but I can't imagine any other possible outcome.

Abel (aka the fashion dancer) is a honest to goodness fisherman and we got to do a mini-tour to see the bay and his boat. 

The biggest jelly I've ever seen! 
Captain Abel and the Sea Pride! 
 We also went on a kayak tour (and follow up trip) which was awesome. Our guide the first day pointed out all sorts of cool things. Being a prairie kid - I don't have much experience with creatures that are water based - which makes them even more exciting.

Ready to go! 
So for those of you - who are also prairie kids - sea stars are the most interesting texture. Squishy yet firm...  
I even held some! How cool! 

Sea-cucumber! Gooey, squishy, tubes of intrigue.

Our watery shadow who's little face popped up at intervals throughout the trip.

Does a group of eagles have a special name - like a murder of crows? 

Totally part of the reason that Alaskan journey was fun! 
Incredible hosts and an incredible place. I hope I get to go back sometime and adventure some more. 

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