Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cancer Sucks

Cancer sucks - It's a phrase I'm sure everyone has heard. It's a phrase that resonates with so many people. Heartbreakingly - I don't think I can think of a single person I know who hasn't, in some way, been affected by cancer. Perhaps with a scare, or a diagnosis, or through watching someone they love fight and suffer.

This past year, a dog-park friend of ours lost her battle. It's strange to be at an age in life, where it seems like more and more people that we know - that aren't 'old' are getting sick.  Perhaps the big difference isn't being older, but being more aware of the people around us. Whatever it is though, it's hard to watch. Linnea was a person with a giant heart, a fabulous sense of humour, and a mind filled with interesting ideas and discussions. The world certainly lost a gem.

Last year, Todd, Linnea's husband was seeking a way to do 'something'. Something tangible and concrete. He started Linnea's Legion to ride in the Embridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. Their team was amazing. They surpassed their fundraising goals, over and over again. They inspired others. They helped spread hope - at a time and in a situation where that can be hard to do. This year, Carly's joining the team as they ride again.

LInnea's Legion

If you haven't heard about the ride, it happens over two days - and covers over 200kms through the Rockies. This year, it takes place in August. The money raised goes to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation, through the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, and 15 other cancer centres throughout Alberta.

So, if you're able - it would be great if you could make a donation to Carly and Linnea's Legion. The link is here: We'll keep you posted on the news as the day gets closer.

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