Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break Sunshine

We had a lovely opportunity to run away for my spring break this year. A wonderful invite, from my in-laws, provided us the opportunity visit somewhere new, soak up some long-missed warm sunshine, and take a break. It was great to see a bit of where they have been visiting for the past few years and spend some time together. I took (as per usual) way too many photos. I've been trying to thin them down - as my computer keeps informing me it is short on space, but it's hard. I think I'll need to break up my Portugal posts or this will be forever long.

Day one really doesn't require recording as it involved sitting on a plane, more sitting on a plane, and then some more... eventually we switched to a train to take us from Lisbon to Carvoeiro where the fam-jam was. While we missed most of the scenery due to night - the train station in Lisbon was pretty and it felt wonderful to arrive, wash my face properly, and sleep while lying down!

Following a much needed sleep in - the adventuring could begin.

We were told that we must missed the most awful storm anyone could remember for awhile. We must have been extra lucky as it was beautiful for pretty much all of our journey. In the morning we went for a wander down into town.

Fam-Jam thanks to the random person walking

Typically - I wouldn't take photos of garbage bins - but they were so fun!
On the path (I thought it was a shell, but in trying to pick it up for a look -
it was firmly attached to the sidewalk)
Tiny Sallie and Richard down near the cave 

I don't really know what these are - but they looked to me like miniature irises.
They're probably 8cm high - and everywhere.

After lunch we went for a wander to one of Sallie and Richard's favourite close beaches. It was a slightly humorous moment once we got there and discovered that perhaps we should check tides if we wanted to guarantee walk-ability.

This, to me, looked like a perfect pirate ship!

Apparently it is unheard of for Richard to reveal his calves but the
ocean is a powerful force and the threat of waves won out. 

These tiny plants were growing on the top of a rock that was also covered in sand. Super hearty! 

The rock was filled with shells and coral and other 'stuff'. 

Tourist selfies :) 
Just following smacking her head on the rock. Can't stop her from climbing.

These looked so much like our wild rose - but they didn't smell the same
or have the same leaves, or thorns...

Making Sallie nervous, sitting on the edge.
It was a great beginning to the journey. Wishing you well, wherever you are in the world.

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