Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whew! Class two done! It is amazing how much we smoosh into 3 weeks! I am certainly in the right class for me though - we are having a great time learning. Meet my classmates!

There are 19 of us (20 for the last class as we had someone joining us from another program) representing 12 countries (13 if you count our instructors). Pretty cool.
From the front left we are: - (Me), Celine (Rwanda), Sara (US), Gobina (Cameroon), Rose (US), Destiny (US), Mackenzie (US), Marianne (Costa Rica).
2nd row from left. Rosemary (Zambia), Virginia (Philippines), Mercedes (Argentina), Camila (Colombia), Chisato (Japan), Ignatius (Zambia), Niina (Finland), Jessica (US), Maham (Pakistan/Canada), Carolyn (Costa Rica), Myo (Myanmar), Maricelly (Puerto Rico), Haru (Canada/Japan).

Our last two days of class we were presenting the curriculum resources we created for the different themes of creating a culture of peace. It was a blast. Sculpture, drama, paint, markers... Apparently some of the other classes have heard us singing and think we're a bit nuts. I feel similarly to their program - a program broken into 15 minute increments for the 15 days of class sounds like something I would hate.

I had wanted to share some of the photos from the International Day of Peace. We sang, shared silence, stood for our peace actions, and sent our wishes to the future. It was a great event.

The time capsule containing the completed mural was buried in the rain - and will be uncovered in 202o.

At the end of the event students were given paper cranes to write their action items on - what they will do to promote peace through the coming year.

The weather has been keeping us on our toes lately. People from home keep asking me if I am enjoying paradise. While I acknowledge that I don't anticipate snow here... it's not quite bliss yet. Tropical storm Matthew has been bringing a LOT of rain. I have an audio recording of the sheer noise of it that I will post once I figure out how. It's loud. We had about 10 days where it hardly stopped. Then, on Friday in the midsts of writing my final paper we got an earthquake! There have been a few tremors since I have been here - but this is the first time I have experienced something that big. We even made international news measuring at 5.9! It was so loud. Thankfully no one was hurt.

I hope that everyone in Canada had a great Thanksgiving! A group of us celebrated gratitude with Sushi this year. Lots of fun, but not quite the same. :)

This week I started a new class, "Change in Educational Systems". So - back to reading!

Peace to you!

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