Friday, October 1, 2010

Drip drop - the never ending rain...

It has been a great week in many ways but the non stop cloud cover and rain are starting to get to me... Today was the first day in quite some time where there was ANY sunshine. Buses to and from school have been cancelled as the roads are getting dangerous in the afternoons when the sky really opens up. A mudslide in a town near here has destroyed a highway - and everything is muddy. I am not designed to live somewhere with this much cloud. My solar powered feelings of winter - apparently also apply to clouds and rain. :)

Sitting on the bus - still surrounded by rain - I contemplated the emergency exit. I just don't think it will let me out of the rain.

Our classes this week have been great. We have been creating! We have written songs, poems, created posters, shared stories - each tied to a different theme of peace education. It's been interesting to hear about how Peace Education doesn't always get the same respect as other faculties - I wonder how long until people can learn that education is supposed to be fun! That people get so much more out of the process and retain information so much better when it is engaging and connects with their life.

While we were working through the topic of living in harmony with the earth - we wrote poems. Each of us were assigned an endangered species and were given just under 1/2 an hour to write a poem. The first portion was to address history - what it was like in the past for this animal/plant, how it related to other parts of life. The second session was about the present - changes and causes. The conclusion was the call for a solution. It was so amazing to hear everyone's different style and stories. I was assigned the White Tailed Eagle - here's my poem.

White Tailed Eagle

I stretch my wings

In magical flight I admire creations’

clear blue water

jagged rocky shore

I glide

I swoop

I dive

The crisp sea air rushes over my feathers

My partner and I roll through the sky

Our acrobatics, a dance in flight.

Around us the earth sings

Balanced in wonder

Through timeless flight

Creation changes

The fish are fewer,

the air less clear

My children hunted,

my purpose misunderstood.

My cry echoes against stone walls

no longer my home

Poisons destroy my dance

Steal the future flight

So long misunderstood,

The hunter and the hunted

Hear my cry offered to you.

See the magic in my dance

Timelessly woven connecting past to future.

The trees and cliffs are our home together

I see your beginnings of trust in me.

My return still a question

A hope

A dream

The sky whispers a promise of dance.

Virginia's class has been those things, exciting, engaging, creative, (sometimes frustrating) and SO FULL of information. Today the Peace Ed crew had our first potluck! It was great! I am looking forward to the year. Between the inside and outside of class stuff - it will be busy, but great!

Today I got a new friend! She still needs a name - but she's lovely!

I am not entirely sure what kind of guitar she is - cause she's a bit smaller than most guitars I have played, which is perfect for me! Little hands and a little guitar! My fingers already hurt - it's great! If you have suggestions for her name - let me know!

I am also collecting recipes - things you can make on a stove top - with two pots or less! What's your favourite?

Peace to you!

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