Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things that go BANG!!

Happy New Year!

I hope that this year finds you well and surrounded with blessings, along with new adventures!

Trish arrived today! Trish (from home) and Sara (from my Peace Ed class) joined me for a lovely meal (sushi and salad rolls - mmmm yum! Followed with chocolate icecream, see - the year is bound to be yummy, if nothing else) to welcome in the new year. They mark two of the parts of life which bring great joy, old friends and new friends. Growing up, my mom had, on the wall, near the front entryway a passage that was something along the lines of "yes m'am, old friends are the best, unless you meet new friends you can make old friends out of." Tonight blended that perfectly! New and old friends, great food, warm air and a closing of many things which go BANG (which I think are going to continue for hours yet, although I am sleepy and going to go to bed anyway).

I wish to you, the happiest of new years!

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