Thursday, January 20, 2011

Excited yet terrified!

I decided, in coming to UPeace, that I had the perfect opportunity to try new things, to challenge myself into things which I have avoided because they scare me. What better place to try out new things, than in a far away country, in a place where I am already stretching my beliefs and ideas? Right?

The wisdom of this adventure is about to become SO much more real. I am going to be in a play!

I feel I should clarify: I love drama. I love to watch it - in many different forms, I have enjoyed supporting friends that teach using drama, I think drama is a little like magic. I love it. HOWEVER, I have done a fair amount of wiggling out of being in anything you could call drama. It scares me. What if I don't have that ability to make magic? Bad drama, after all, is really painful to sit through. I certainly don't want to inflict that on anyone...

So - here I am at Upeace, with the self imposed challenge to try to do things which make me uncomfortable - in the hope that I discover new things to love. During orientation, in August, someone mentioned that UPeace for the past number of years has put on a production of the Vagina Monologues and that there is the hope that this tradition will continue. I thought, "cool!" but didn't initially think that would involve me... However, as more information was gathered - my friend Sara's infectious excitement got me. I would take the risk! I would audition! I would be in a play!

This week has been a week of challenges. I am taking a class that is stretching my limits in that uncomfortable - I am learning, but I don't want to anymore - kind of way. AND this week was the audition week. I suppose I am inflating the gravity of this event somewhat, after all Sara had assured us anyone who wanted a part (and had a vagina) would be found a role. We decided placement was perhaps a better term, BUT the term audition had been used and that had wiggled into my brain.

This evening I got an email. I have a part! I am actually going to be in a play! That is done in front of people. In less than a month! YIKES!

I am excited, but a little scared. Yay for new goals and hopefully the discovery of something new to love. Wish me luck!

peace to you,

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