Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pictures with a story

I promised pictures in my last post - and now that I am back in town, where the internet functions a bit better, here they are! I am still apparently a giant lover of plants - I tried to diversify a bit... hopefully you enjoy them.

My Mom and I started started our adventure on the coast. I haven't been to the east coast while living in Costa Rica. It's beautiful although different from what I have seen on the West side. I think I might prefer the fabulous sunsets on the opposite coast. The clouds were pretty amazing though.

From the beach we headed up to the area around Arenal. We stayed at a functioning farm, just outside of Chachagua (about 13 kms from La Fortuna). We went for a wander around the farm one day. I still love plants - so here are some that I especially liked.

Today, before heading back to Ciudad Colon we went to the Baldi Hot Springs and had a glorious soak before heading home. I think the biggest challenge of heading back to school is going to be trying to leave behind the fiction that I have become re-addicted to. I really think someone should offer a course where some of the reading is story in this graduate program. I certainly miss 'fun' reading in my day to day.

Mom at the hot springs before taking off.

and posing with the giant holiday-er at the entrance.

Tomorrow brings Easter and the last day of holidays before Mom has to return home and I head back to school. It's been a great break!

Peace to you!

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