Friday, June 10, 2011

24 thousand words and counting

Well - it's here, Month-O-Thesis. Can I do it? Cross your fingers ok?

Last week, I had the fabulous opportunity to talk to some AMAZING teachers - about their classrooms and work with 6th graders. It's part of the adventure of my thesis - and incredible as those teachers are... I am discovering transcription is not something I have a passion for. I have been listening, typing, pausing and rewinding all week. I am almost done with the transcriptions - and have just topped 24 000 words but I have decided that before I can finish this lovely thesis there are a couple things I should seek out. Ready?
  1. A keyboard - that is not the one on my laptop, so that the screen can sit at one height and my hands and arms at a lower height. Why you may ask? I think my thesis has actually hurt me... or at least my shoulder - and I haven't really done any of the writing of 'my words' yet... and my body hurts - so - item 1 - keyboard.
  2. Stretches so that my constant state of sitting also doesn't kill me. My self entertainment has been handstands - but I feel I should probably branch out. :) It is kind of fun to spend a certain amount of time upside down every day though.
  3. Sometimes leaving the house... I have resolved that as great as the theory is that I have the designated 'work' space in my house... I still should leave my house - least for a little bit each day. My life has felt much happier since instituting this on Wednesday. Hee hee.
So - in possibly my most concise post, in quite some time - wish me luck... Month-o-thesis has begun!

peace to you!

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  1. Good ideas! Writing my thesis hurt me too - I'm hoping I'll have learnt a few lessons and it won't hurt so much this time around... Have you seen this blog: My cousin sent it to me - and it's definitely helpful (for me anyway). Hope your writing is going well!