Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A prairie girl wanders home

Time flies. When you're busy, when you're having fun, when you want it to slow down... pretty much any time 'cept for when you're waiting for something. :) I can't believe a year has pretty much passed. I returned home to Canada this week. It seems incredible to think back on all that has happened this year. I have made some really incredible friends, had some great classes, visited beautiful places... But it is good to be home.

My thesis is so close to done - which is both exciting and frustrating (cause well, close isn't quite done now is it?). I can't wait for it to be a completely done bound book on my shelf. I am ready. :) As much as I have loved this year and the chance to be studying, I don't think I am designed for the world of academia. Least not long term.

During the last month - Tia came to visit, which was great. We went on a beach adventure trying to hide from the rain that plagues Ciudad Colon during rainy season. We started out with a hope to visit the Osa Peninsula and headed to the West Coast, spending a night in Manuel Antonio. We went out for dinner - hoping to watch the sunset, but the clouds were just a bit too present for that - so instead we watched the intense colours of blue change.

The beautiful Ms. Tia - travel buddy extraordinaire.

Unfortunately, when we woke up in the morning the bucket style rain followed - so we turned around and headed off to the Caribbean. It was great.

Trish came to visit in January and we spent much of our time looking up, admiring and trying to identify the flying friends. Tia's journey shifted focus from up to down - as we admired the small creepy crawly things. I have friends with such neat knowledge.

So here begins the photos of:

(if you can't read that - it says, Diana and Tia's Awesome Beach Adventure 2)

Tia had learned just prior to coming that the Entomological society she is a part of was running a photo contest - so our critter friends became well photographed. I however, do not share her skill set - so while I can tell you something like, 'it's a spider' if you wanna know what exactly they are - you're going to have to ask someone else (or let me know - and I will check with Tia). Some of them are super pretty - many of them I am thrilled were somewhere outside - and not in my home - cause I would NOT have been okay with them in my home.

Spider - I think they just look more daunting when they have stripes or spots.
This one was pretty small.
This dude - not small. HUGE. Really HUGE - and brightly coloured.
It causes my nature instincts scream - DANGER - DO NOT TOUCH. :)
The flip side of this one was pretty neat too - lots of colours. Giant web.
Pretty, but I am happy he was outside.

I loved these little dudes - and there were hundreds of them, everywhere, but for all their brandishing of pincers - they're cowards and dive into little holes.
My picture doesn't show it well, but their tops are bright blue, with the bright orange bellies. They can sure move fast for such little creatures.

The hermit crabs were also everywhere - and just too much fun.

This little dude was digging out his hole.
I loved watching him pop up - toss out some more sand, check out the audience and
dart back into the hole, to emerge about a minute later with another load of sand.

What a great colour huh? He (she? who knows) blends well!

The little lizards that are everywhere move super fast - and are often more sound than sight.
It was fun to spot them in pockets of sunlight.

We had a great time - beach time, chatting time, reading time, and then - of course, eating! We ate some great food - and some of the decor was great. Tia was quite pleased with the epiphytes as decorations. They're are everywhere.

mmm desert!

Anyway - I hope you are well - I send you much:

Peace to you,

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