Monday, September 24, 2012

Change is the only constant?

Throughout my life, whenever things are feeling very very up in the air, or chaotic, or undefined - someone always offers up the wisdom, "the only thing constant in life is change". Which is true, and I know that, but sometimes wouldn't it be nice to have just a smidge of predictability? Maybe?

Fine, why break with convention.

It seems like the last 6 months have been a whirlwind. Carly and I got married (about a month ago, which seems crazy! A month! Geez). It was a fabulous day. Everything was great, we were surrounded by people we love, the skies were blue, there was fabulous food and music... it was a perfect day!

Photos thanks to the lovely Sarah Taylor
We were totally blessed by many good friends and family members, coming distances (close-ish and super far) to come celebrate with us, which was awesome. A small group of that crew, actually signed on to stay for the week. So we headed off on our "honeytrip" (Definition: a Honeytrip is a blending of a 'roadtrip' with a 'honeymoon', sharing ridiculousness and delight while cramming into very filled cars and exploring new spaces).  It was a crazy week, but so delightful!

A honeytrip cast - perhaps a bit nutty and therefore excited to sign up for this kind of adventure?

We headed out from the farm (where we got married) to Calgary, then to Banff on to Naramata where we hung out for a bit. Following that we headed off to Vancouver Island and then back to Vancouver, where our trip came to an end, everyone headed off in different directions, and Carly and I dove into one more crazy day in a car, to also go home.

We all survived the group corralling into the car to get where we were going, and the two days of loooooooooong drives were rewarded things likes a wonderful day of wine tours, sunshine, laughter, good food and certainly lots of memory making.

Check out the super-dooper pollinator! Go go little bee!

While we were on West coast we had a chance to go fishing. After a morning adventure (where one car didn't start... different story, for a different time) we still made it to the boat before dawn had fully emerged. It was stunning, but sooooo early. We didn't end up catching much, but it was a fabulous morning.

I started to wake up, a while after the sun.

The Orcas were out!
and some other water friends.

 On our last full day together, a group of us when to climb attempt the grouse grind. The walk itself was stunning, the trees are amazing and it smelled fabulous - but I think it was one of those days that someone somewhere was trying to teach me something... maliciously.

I have a habit (good? bad?) of eavesdropping. Not of things that seem important or confidential, but I listen to the people around me and what they're discussing. It's one of the things I love about coffee shops. All of these people who inadvertently share snippets of stories. It's like live time storybooks. Anyway, I digress.

On the way up the grind - it was starting to feel hard. At just about this point, where I was feeling a bit sweaty, and a bit tired, my eavesdropping got me in trouble. There was a guy, trying to encourage his climbing partner to the top - who explained that the gondola down closes at 6 - and if they didn't make it, they'd have to walk back down. As a group, we had already discussed the gondola on the way down... and this meant I had to MOVE and quickly! Perhaps you read this blog and don't really know me... but 'rushing' up a mountain of stairs isn't something that comes naturally to me. The fun and the beauty eroded during the rush, and I went from the slow and steady - I can do this... to wanting to just lie down and wait for morning... Only to get to the top to find out that the fellow on the trail was confused. The gate at the BOTTOM closes for people starting the hike at 6, but the gondola down, doesn't close until around 10pm... Sigh. Lesson perhaps learned. :)

It did mean that once the feeling of my heart in my throat and the upward motion came to an end at  the top, there was a bit more time for looking at the awesome view, taking our photo proof that we had made it, having a drink and snack and enjoying friends in an incredible place.

See! We made it - and we look happy! Yay team!

 The gondola ride, when we eventually took it, was also beautiful. I am really happy that I got to go, that I didn't indeed die on the side of the mountain, and that I got to see the view from the top. Next time - less rushing. (Once I have had a bit more time, so that next time seems like a good idea again hee hee)

Anyway, the last time I posted, I said I was leaving the country - and here I am... still in Alberta, still in Edmonton in fact. There is that constant change thing again. I have actually just begun a new degree - pursuing an after degree in Elementary Education. The hope is that a school and classroom is ready to take on this prairie girl and that a group of elementary kids are ready to mix up the curriculum with some of my Peace Ed stuff and have a blast learning together. It's a bit daunting, but I think it's going to be great.

My friend Cheryl has given me a kick in the pants about starting to blog again - so here's my public declaration that I am going to try. We'll see how that goes. I think taking some space to think about what we're learning will be good.

Let me know what you're thinking - or doing - or questioning. Got any good questions to get this blog re-started?

Peace to you!

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  1. Yay blogging again! And news from the honeytrip! And pictures!