Monday, May 14, 2012

On the move again!

So, apparently I am a crappy blogger while in Canada. Perhaps it is because the bulk of people who I feel I need to stay in touch with are closer. I don't know. I would like to say it's been a big year, but it feels like I have been living a series of big years. It's amazing to me, to think that this time last year, classes were beginning to wrap up. Graduation was approaching, I was gearing up to write my thesis, starting to say goodbye to some of the incredible people I had met... Or that two years ago, I was just coming back from Colombia and starting all the prep to move to Costa Rica and start at Upeace. Now, here I am, a year later and it still feels like the list is growing.

I finished my thesis, which still feels pretty great(!),  came back to Edmonton, and got started back with ACGC, I had a chance to reconnect with friends and family that I had missed, and begin missing the friends who had become like family while being away. Somehow, I'm still trying to figure out who I want to be or what I want to do. I am beginning to think, this isn't a question with an answer - just a series of questions that guide choices and decisions that lead to new questions... They just keep on coming and changing. :)

I have, however, had some fun this year (want some photos?)!

It has been great to be 'home' to spend time with the small monsters in my life. They're so much fun - and it constantly amazes me how fast they're learning and growing! 

Hanging out at the wading pools! Splish splash!

Hanging out at the Farm on the way to Calgary
At the Calgary zoo - a monster turns into a bear!
At the ice festival - "cool" slides

I got to go with a group of visiting students from China and Korea to Banff National Park this winter. Introducing 'Alberta' winter to a group was fun. Sliding, skating, cross-country skiing, snowball fights... It was a hoot!

At the Ice Carving Festival in Banff, Alberta


Mountain fun!

How many years do you think it normally takes before you learn to lift your heals while sliding down hills?
I think it takes awhile - and it's funny to watch, whether little kids or adults.
On to tobogganing!
Most of the crew
Cross Country Skiing!

And something green... So you know it's still me taking pictures, even with all those people in them. :)
Swinging in Edmonton!
I went to Jasper National Park at the beginning of April - the animals were out and about enjoying the sunshine with us. Here's a small sample.


Until quite recently - spring has been indecisive if it wanted to be present in Alberta, so an adventure to Vancouver/Victoria was called for - where spring was well under way. Flowers, green grass, leaves, ocean... beautiful.


So another year has moved it's way through my life - and it seems it is time for more changes.

I am getting married in August, which is so exciting (!!!) and then it appears that we're moving to Guatemala. So the Prairie Girl's going to hit the road again. I don't know if I will be much of a blogger until I head off - but I will get this up and going again - once on the move. If you happen to have a lead on a job in Guatemala... I need one - starting at the end of September. :)


Peace to you! 

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  1. Ok my dear friend! This is my attempt to light your blogging fire.
    Also, you really deserve this. You are amazing as are your experiences and outlook on life. I really hope to see more!
    I am giving you the Liebster blog award {check out my latest post for more details}.
    Participate if you like or not, no pressure!