Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter Fun

This weekend, I got a chance to go on a date with my niece. The Alberta Ballet was hosting a launch to their new season, that included dances from their company and then dress up and crafts for the young ballet fanatics. It was a free event, which is great - generally ballet doesn't seem like something that is so accessible - but my niece LOVES to dance, so it was great to get to see some of her awe at seeing the dancers in full swing.

There are some of the photos from after the dance presentation. We fortunately met up with Cheryl and her little Fiona, so we had folks to play with. :)

Some photo highlights:

How do you start off the fun? With a crown of course.
Find a boa and you're set.

Photo credit to L - I feel like I look like the wind up doll from some Christmas special... Apparently when I am "looking like a dancer", I look somewhat broken, stuck, or stiff. BUT - I did get to wear a tutu at the ballet...
Ms. Fifi - prepping to don the mouse hat
Cute stuff - little mouse!
Two looking the same way? Too hard.
We even got to sit on Clara's chair!
It was a great day. Loads of fun. If they do it again next year, you should go!

It was also just reading week here. Carly and I took off to Montana (with great gratitude to the sister-in-law who let us crash at her place!). It was a great week. I took a bunch of pictures, if you want to have a look...

The deer were too cute. This little one was totally intrigued by us.
Perhaps tasty moss for deer? I starts just out of hooved reach.
 We went on a hike out at Glacier national park. It was a beautiful day and not a person to be seen. I took a bunch of photos. I still love things that are green. :)

The snow looked like it should be in a storybook or movie. Great big clumps, clinging to everything.
In the middle of the park.
Wildlife sighting two. After consultation with many websites and a few people who actually bird... we think it is a golden eagle. Super cool.
This is the lake right in front of where we were staying. SO pretty.

We took a "shortcut" type detour on the way home. Intentionally, don't be concerned.  We saw some wolves, on route, but not close enough that a picture would work out. Someday, perhaps I will get another fancy lens... until then. Trust me, it was amazing! That said, the view in itself was great.

It was a great week off, although I am struggling to get back into the swing of school. I'd prefer to be out playing in the re-appearing sunshine. 

I hope all is well with you!

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