Monday, August 5, 2013

Guess who's one?!

While we haven't had the fur-friend for a full year yet - Sitka turns one today. I still can't believe how fast puppies grow! I was a reluctant puppy-parent, but it's been great so far. She's stolen part of my heart and is a wonderful fluffy ball of love and companionship. I bet you were wanting pictures...

This is the first weekend we had her - how cute is she!?

Winter Begins! 

Everyone has an awkward stage it appears. 

Although awkward is the fault of her people... 

We went on an adventure to the mountains at one point. 
She's curious about everything! 
She's also getting super fluffy!

Starting to get bigger - and loving to sunbathe in the wintertime. 

This is one of the ways she sleeps that I think is hilarious and cannot be comfy, but she
 does it all the time, especially if she's waiting for Carly to come home. 

She's becoming a great cuddler! 

 She's discovered that she's a water-loving dog. Any opportunity to hop in, she's off.

These are from today - her actual birthday (or the best guest that anyone had 
in her rescue effort - and is on her paperwork)

So - happy birthday to a great puppy - I guess I need to start transitioning into calling her a dog, rather than a puppy...

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