Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day

Today - is International Women's Day. We went and joined the rally in Edmonton, walking the streets - taking up space and (at least in theory) spreading a message. It was an interesting event. I am frustrated that there is still a tendency to create slogans that create sides. If you've been to a rally - it seems likely that you've heard some version of, "un pueblo unido jamás será vencido" The people united, will never be defeated. For some reason today - the organizing body kept starting "Women - united, will never be defeated". How on earth will there ever been change, if we can't include everyone who is striving to make a difference? As if it is possible to achieve gender equality - without men? Blarg.

Anyway - things like Women's day - and the International Day of the Girl Child (which I mentioned here) often bring to mind the small women in my life, as I begin teaching - there are more and more of them. One in particular keeps shocking me with how fast she's becoming grown up. The Monster's very excited to be profiled currently with the Yona Sistema people. I can hardly believe that the hilarious and goofy little person I know - is the same one who is SO serious with all things having to do with violin. Check out her spotlight - she's great. She's one of the multitude of awesome women I know and feel immense gratitude for - and for whom I will continue to struggle for change with and for.

Happy International Women's day to you.
peace and love~

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