Friday, August 12, 2016

The stop over (turtle sighting!)

Between Quebec City and Edmonton we stopped for the weekend in Ottawa to visit some lovely people. The weekend involved some great conversation, brunch, a pedal powered pup crawl (with the Kell's Angels) for a birthday bash, market visits, and a lovely adventure to Gatineau Park - all packed into 2 days. I didn't tote my camera to most of it - but the little hike in Gatineau park was just so lovely - I thought I'd share.

We did the loop around Pink Lake- which had all sorts of neat fun facts. It's a beautiful park - somewhere I'd like to return to in the future. The lake itself is crystal clear. It's apparently a rare meromictic lake - which means that the bottom section is completely void of oxygen and the different layers never mix - having to do with depth and angle of the sides, cliffs surrounding it, temperature... It was really pretty.

My highlight was the GIANT turtle that was swimming by. I looked it up - and I think it might be a blanding turtle - but it's hard to know because it was covered in thick green algae. Just after the excitement of the big turtle - there appeared a babe. Great fun. It was neat to see them so close up.
TURTLES! (and frogs and fish)
It was a lovely little adventure. Thanks to Erin for taking us!

~peace to you

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