Sunday, September 26, 2010

The in-between space

I feel like I have arrived in the in-between space of "home". Not there, not quite here yet either. Surrounded by so much that is new, things which are exciting and curious! Yet still craving the feeling of normal or at ease, my beloved people, life that feels familiar. A friend once told me that jet lag/ adapting to a new place is caused by the fact that while there are many types of transportation we can physically take, our souls travel by foot. The longer the distance, the longer it takes for your soul to rejoin you. How long do you think it takes to walk from Edmonton to Costa Rica? This prairie girl yearns for a clear blue sky, even just for one day. The clouds and rain which are an almost constant companion are not helping with my mood!

So here I am circling the in-between space, trying to be kind to myself in this time of settling in. People keep asking if I have 'made lots of friends'. Oh to have that skill! I have met lots of people - and I can imagine them becoming friends... but 'friend' has that resonance as someone you trust with your hopes and dreams, schemes and plots... and I am not quite there yet.

There are parts of my life here that I know would make people at home laugh. Like somehow I have become the IT support for my class. HOW is that possible? I have no idea. Goodness I hope they don't ever hit on anything complicated. They don't seem to believe me that technical things tend to die around me. Thankfully right now my 'techie' responsibilities have been linked to using the projector which I can totally figure out! Whew! Maybe this is where the not-for-profit training comes in, when you just don't have a budget to hire someone else to do tech, you either learn it or leave it. Let's just hope I don't cause it all to short out.

My class is presently working through 6 themes of Peace Education: Dismantling the culture of war; living with justice and compassion; promoting human rights and responsibilities; building cultural respect, reconciliation and solidarity; living in harmony with the earth; and cultivating inner peace. There is so much to read and think about - yet so little time in the day.

Today I have been reading about globalization (which, by the way, my computer's dictionary doesn't believe is a word) and thinking about my friends scattered around the world. Thinking about the work being done independently, in our communities that is a part of something more connected. I am so thankful for all of you who travel with me in my heart. Incredible friends, creating peacefulness around you. I am thankful for the questions that people ask me, for the encouragement, for the people who listen to my rambling stories of things I have seen/felt/experienced. Thankful for the people who laugh with me, cry with me, walk with me.... I wonder how else it is possible to maintain hope while reading about all the things that people do one another that are hurtful, harmful and hateful?

I hope joy is surrounding you in your pockets of the world.
Peace to you,

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  1. Diana, reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air - thank you. That bit about our soul traveling by foot absolutely made my day. Peace to you as you struggle in that in-between space.