Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spark to a flame!

While there are moments that drive me a little nutty, it is a pretty amazing thing: to be studying with so many people from all over the world. Perhaps it is slightly exaggerated, but it seems that there is someone with a personal connection to every major event happening around the world. It is amazing to be studying with people who are not only attentive to global happenings, but are passionate about them. Campus has been buzzing lately with discussions and debates about what is happening in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond. Cafeteria discussions about how to circumvent blocked websites (like what was happening with Facebook and Twitter - before the internet in Egypt was just shut down) or all the ways that internet communication is practically magic in its opportunities, discussions on the bus or in the hallways, the way that current issues weave into the discussions in class. It's pretty amazing - I am quite lucky to be here.

The Vice Rector, here at UPeace, is actually from Egypt, and there right now, visiting family and working. Flights aren't leaving for now, so he is still there. Some of his thoughts were shared in an article he wrote for the Peace and Conflict Monitor if you want to check it out. I am taking a class right now, that feels - in some ways - focused on the stories that are heartbreaking. It is a wonderful reminder that there are nonviolent movements - that are shaping the world!

peace to you,

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