Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shouldn't have worn it swimming...

It feels that life has been moving SO, SO quickly lately. I used to think that was just part of the craziness of working for NGO's, specifically ACGC because of the mix of teachers' conventions, international development week, and then whatever other thing we were trying to finish before the fiscal year end... but nope! - craziness is apparently directly linked to February. Who knew?

My classmates in the Peace Education program, along with the Gender and Peace program went on a field trip, up to Monte Verde, last week. We visited the Friend's School there (there is a Quaker community in Monte Verde) along with two different women's cooperatives.

At the school we had an opportunity to 'teach' (which was kind of also play) with different grades in teams. This is Gobina with some of the students from grade 3/4 class. Can you tell he is a tree? or that the other teacher is a squirrel?

We visited 2 co-ops, one of which was "eco-bambu" which makes recycled paper and cardboard into bags, books, cards and more. They were pretty cool and the stuff is beautiful. The entire process is in a fairly small location, but they create a huge amount of stuff.

Being in Monte Verde also gave us a small pocket of time for some walking. I will be consistent and share some of my love of green and things that grow... Moss, leaves and mushrooms: they've won my heart!

Returning from Monte Verde, UPEACE got to celebrate Africa Week, and coordinated by the African students. It was AWESOME. Africa night had a fashion show, incredible food, great music and dancing!
Gobina and Emina representing Cameroon in the fashion show

Celine and crew dancing

Beleteze and crew dancing up a storm!

All of Africa week was incredible. Congratulations to all the friends who made it so much fun.

The beginning of this week marked a Valentine's benefit concert, put on by Maeve and Ben, similar to the one I participated in December. This time, rather than singing, I was painting (with facepaint) tattoos. The event was great - and facepainting alone made over $50US which still impresses me (a tattoo went for about a buck each...). I have knicked the photos from Maeve - cause I didn't bring my camera. :)

Maeve looking fierce in her love of music, tattoos, and rice and beans!

Bianca started a trend with the 'something different, shapes and colours' approach.
There were a LOT of hearts with arrows out there...

Thus began the week of adventures and activities (while supposedly still focusing on my studies). UPeace is putting on the 6th Annual V-Day activities. The group this year decided we would do a V-Day+ so we also created a zine, which turned out great, celebrating unexpected heroes. The zine got finished late on Tuesday, got printed on Wedesday and then.... I made my acting debut this evening!

I have worked (at times quite stubbornly) to avoid acting before. One of my goals for my upeace year though, was to push my boundaries and do things that make me uncomfortable or scared... acting fit. :) The cast - and our incredible leader/teacher/friend/mentor/coach/pep squad Sara have been wonderful. I think, although I don't know that I would say it too loudly yet, that I like acting. Tonight was really fun (and terrifying). My monologue is called, The Vagina Workshop . I think that someone was recording it - so if I get the link - I will share it... in case you're curious. Tomorrow night will close out the show, so if you know anyone near to UPEACE - encourage them to come!

Peace to you!

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  1. Diana you have taken EXACTLY the same first step that led me down the primrose path to my current state of obsessively loving being on stage. Sheer terror, please don't make me do this, to hey, I kinda like this, wonder when I get to do it again. The next step for me was, if memory serves, enrolling in a drama summer camp. No wait, first I wrote in my diary, "I am going to be an ACTRESS!!!" then I went to summer camp. Before you know it, you too will be looking for productions to organize so you can satisfy your acting junkie monkey.
    You are a natural and the monologues (and I) are lucky to have you.