Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sopping wet, green fire, endings and beginnings...

You know that tendency to try and jam everything possible into an astounding short period of time, because suddenly you look at a calendar and it feels like all the time you had has vanished... and regardless of how much you attempt - you're behind? That's where I am at.

Today was my last class. As soon as I finish the paper I am having a hard time not procrastinating over, I will officially be done the class portion of my MA. How did this happen so fast? In many ways it feels like I just got to Costa Rica, that I am just starting to get to know people, that I am finally feeling a bit more grounded here - and shwoosh - we're done.

In the desire to get all things squished in, before school finishes and people head off in different directions, last weekend we decided we would hike up to the Mirador, bring a guitar and camp for the night. It sounds like a good idea, no? We had a nice group, good food, the guitar... but we were a bit slow getting going and half way up the sky decided, "this doesn't look like enough of an adventure" and sent down sheets of rain. Now, granted - I am a bit of a weather wimp, I don't like being really really cold, I don't like being really really hot - I am my father's daughter that way - but the sky really did open up! Within 5 minutes everything I was wearing was plastered to my body - and within about 8 minutes my shoes were squelching their displeasure. Onward we trudged (or at least, I trudged - it is quite possible, if not likely, that the people I was with were coping better) to the top, to pitch some tents (happily under a roof) strip off the wet things, put on the still mostly dry things from the knapsack and have the sky clear into a beautiful night. At this point in our adventure we were four. Others were supposed to be coming, but there was some doubt if they would actually come - following the deluge. Slowly but surely however, people began to appear! Two brave adventures went out to find "dry wood" and ended up felling a tree - with swiss army knives! Surrounded by wet earth, wet wood, and some damp people we worked on getting a fire going. I think, if were to be honest, we would have to admit it was mostly paper... but it was also the discovery of yet another use for UPeace readers. :) Over our tiny fire we roasted marshmallows for 'smores with lots of laughter and sangria. It was fun. Lots of fun. Waking up to sunshine streaming into a tent, little bird singing their morning joy and the rustling of friends in their morning-ness.

This week has flown by - and I think time is going to keep on flying. Tonight is the farewell party (cause how can anything pass without the celebration of dance??) and then Tuesday is graduation. Then time for that lurking thesis. To quote the little engine... ithinkican, ithinkican, ithinkican...

I hope all is well with you.
in peace,

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