Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prairie-girl panic!

I just finished another class - beginning the countdown which includes:

two weeks left of classwork
graduation (which is totally fake, as none of us are actually "done" anything, but still the ceremony and party, which will be fun)
write my actual project
head on home - and go back to work


That is all that I can say about that. What a whirlwind. It feels like the last few months have caused to time just jump into hyper-gear. Slow down, World!!! It is good though.

The class which I finished yesterday, was great. I took a course called, The History of Sexuality - and it was fantastic. I am starting to really look forward to the post-gradschool time where I may actually get to think about all that I have read and really absorb it. :)

My class prior to this last one was on Sustainable Development Education. The course itself left some things to be desired, but we went on a field trip one day, to an area that is working to promote both organic farming and rural tourism. I have a friend who is often telling me to post more pictures - so in case you're missing green or flowers (although I am sure they are starting to come back, wherever you are) here are a couple from the trip.

(one of my favourite songs is still, "Homegrown Tomatoes". It pops into my head, every time I see a tomato plant.)

I have one course left, which is called, "Practices of Conflict Management and Peacebuilding". It looks like it is going to be an intense couple of weeks. One of the assignments is to create a career portfolio - a totally useful activity - but the assignment says it is supposed to include:
  • copy of current resume
  • a sample cover letter for a position you are interested in (including a copy of the job ad)
  • a two page career vision statement (where you see yourself in one, five, and ten years)
CV - got it, cover letter - sure, I can do that, idea of where I see myself in five or ten years - NO CLUE!!! Why do people insist on asking these questions, while you're in the midst of other kinds of confusion. Ah... Wish me luck. I am guessing the assignment isn't seeking answers like, I hope to be happy, living and working in a community I care about, with people I care about, promoting a better world... If you have suggestions - let me know. I am happy to hear them.

I got up early this morning to participate in the Pura Vida Walk/Run for Peace that one of the students here was coordinating. My plan for the afternoon was to work on my readings, and I am clearly procrastinating on what I "should" be doing. I hope all is well with you.

peace to you!

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