Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First day of grade one, again.

News: I have started student teaching!

I am back to grade one - and learning those basics all over again. I am now in the second week of grade one, for the second time. I wonder how many times you'd have to start the first grade, before it wouldn't be scary. More than two apparently, hee hee. 

That said, it's been great so far. I'm at a school on the Northside, with 16 little people who keep us hopping. We have lots to celebrate and work on, which is awesome. They're great kids who seem up for most anything, which is fun. It's nice to begin in such a small class, as the idea of 6-10 more of them is just terrifying. Friends teaching those bigger classes - hats off to you! 

I'm teaching social studies, as my "plan a unit" adventure, which is a pretty good fit for me. I am team teaching art and phys. ed with another student teacher, which is super great. Someone else to bounce ideas around with. It's fun. Hard, but fun. I find myself eternally wondering what grade one can 'do' or 'remember' or actually understand - not just nod their heads at. It's also a good lesson in vocabulary, as I'm constantly asked for definitions of things. 

In other news - my sweetie's trying to win us a trip... After our wedding, we went on an incredible 'honey-trip' with an awesome group of friends (there are pictures of that, on a previous post). Loads of fun, small pockets of frustration, great food, and LOTS of good memories. Before, during and after, people keep commenting, how we must be crazy to take other people on our honeymoon. Who does that, right? Well, I wouldn't have traded the trip... but I would love to go on another one. :) 

Soooo... Anyone want to help us out with that "marriage-moon"? It's easy, I won't ask you to pay for it (although, if you wanted to, you totally could - we wouldn't say no). Air Canada is having a contest right now... and  you're supposed to get people to click on your entry on the little "inspired" star to increase your chances. It'd be great if you could add your vote. Just click here and you should get taken to a link with her entry titled, "To reconnect a world of hope". 

Anyway - enough daydreaming of running away. I have lesson planning to get back to. 

Have a super day! 

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