Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Liebster Award

So awhile ago Cheryl from YouAutoKnow awarded me a Liebster award which somehow gives me the lovely task of answering the following questions - as part of being a recipient...? I am not sure. It seems that everywhere I look there are different criteria. Anyway - I will try. Following that, I get to award a group of blogs the same award. Some reports say 3, some day 5, some say 11... I don't follow enough blogs to choose 11. So, we'll see.

Anyway - apparently (all the sources say different things) a Liebster Blog Award gets awarded to a small blog (with less than 200 followers), that you love. Once you've been given one - you get to give them out too. If you can find an actual source on this... I'd love to see it. I got impatient trying to track it down.

The responses to the questions YouAutoKnow posted for me are:

1.Why did you start a blog?

My blog started as a way of staying in touch with people while I was out of the country. It seemed that before I left, everyone I saw said - "keep in touch" or "email me about what you're doing!". It seemed easier to say, 'for sure! follow my blog' than to play the cut and paste game of telling everyone pretty well the same story, and with small changes for personalization. Thus began the stories of a prairie girl blog.

2. What's your favourite thing to write about?
I don't know if I have a favourite thing. While I was away, the goal was to write once every two weeks-ish. On average, it was about every 10 days, and about whatever was the interesting thing that day, or something that had me thinking, or something that I had good photos for, or when I was lonely. Now - I am not sure. It's time for a 'rebirth' so to speak and with that... I don't know what all I will write about.

3. What's your own favourite post?
Don't you just love it when people ask you questions that mean that you have to go and do some more reading? I re-read a lot of my posts... and the answer is - I don't know that I have one. I like the posts where I feel like I blend images and text well. I like the ones where I get feedback or conversations going out of them.... I don't know. I like many of them, but for different reasons.

4. What's your favourite Edmonton festival?
 Hmmmm.... Again - hard questions. I really love the new festivals that are appearing on 118th street. I love the community feeling of them, and that it is a neighbourhood that is using art in all its forms to change the feeling of the community - and the way others in Edmonton see the area. So both Deep Freeze, and the Kaleido Festival

I also like Winter Lights, cause it happens at a time where I just want to cuddle up and hide from winter - but then there is this festival that pulls me outside - and I get to enjoy the delightful parts of winter. Last year we saw this production of people who do circus arts, performing a acrobatic play around 'twinkle twinkle little star'. I loved it.

5. What website do you visit every day?
The only two that are most consistent would be gmail and facebook ... I try to read the news most days, but I have days where I just can't bear one more bit of bad news, so I skip it...

6. How long do you spend online every day? 
Probably too long. Scratch that, not probably. I spend too long on online each day.

7. Where would you move?
 Oh dear. Questions that are likely to cause a fuss in my life. I have a sweetheart who is even more ready than I am, to flee...

I have just started school again, so for now - I am staying put. But I doubt that will be a truly stable thing. Where would I move... probably anywhere that had good and meaningful work for both myself and my love - where we could contribute to making the world a better place and be happy.

8. What type of business would you start?
I kind of doubt I would ever start a business. I don't think I have the right personality for that. 

9. What's your favourite thing about Fall?
Oooh! I love Fall in general. Especially the smells and sounds. I love the sound of leaves falling, of them crunching under your shoes, I love how everything sounds a bit sharper or more crisp in the cool mornings. I love the smell of the earth preparing for winter. I think I also really like the cozy sweaters and scarves, when it's at the beginning of cool - and it doesn't seem onerous, just nice. 

10. What's the most domestic thing about you?
"most" huh... probably my craftiness. I like projects where I am seeking to create something, whether it is something I have seen or just imagined. Like - I saw these little mice awhile ago - and I thought Lillian would love a collection of pocket mice... so I tried to make some.

This was the outcome:

That said, I like a lot of "domestic" things. I love cooking, baking, knitting, crafting, painting, and 'putzing' in general.... :)

11. What's the least domestic thing about you?
So I thought about this for awhile and polled some wonderful people. I think, the least domestic thing about me is my politics. I am happy to claim being a feminist, and I rail against a lot of the stereotypes that get slotted with "domestic" things, or ideas like being a "housewife" (after all, who would actually marry a house? Come on!). I respect (and sometimes envy) friends who have made the choice to full-time care for their families, and all that goes with that, I am not saying anything negative towards them. Instead, I believe that people should have choices about these things - and that ALL the options should be valued and respected.

So ya, rant aside - my least domestic thing is my politics. :)

So those are my questions. Now - the picking of other blogs...
This is hard, I read quite a few while I was away, but much like I haven't been blogging since being home - it seems like those people haven't either. But here goes.

Unwrapping Development I have no idea how many followers this blog has - but Jim writes beautifully - and about a lot of really important issues. It's a great blog. The only problem I have with it - is I often can't keep up :) probably the sign of a great blog. I always want to read it, but when I have time to do some thinking... which lately has felt scattered. Anyway - it's great. Check it out.

The Bean Tree's Field Notes I don't read often enough - but again it is beautifully written. She writes about food, about friends, about life's ups and downs. She writes about here and about far away. It's great.

My cousin Briana just started a blog. I don't know if these awards are really meant to begin someone... but I love things about food. I love things with pictures. AND I know that Bri's blog will be about both, simply from her posts in other things. Anyway - have a read - The First Bite

Sarah photographed my wedding - and does all sorts of neat things in the world. I love her photoblogs. It's also got video clips and all sorts of other distractions, so be careful when you check out shining happy.

I think Cheryl gave me this award to kick me in the pants and get me started again. I am going to cross my fingers and have a try at that to with Wanderlusting because I really enjoyed reading it - and knowing the author, I am certain she's still got great things to say. Please?

My questions for the bloggers? Well - 11 again seemed like too many, so I decided 5 awards, therefore 5 questions. Ready?

1. Why did you start your blog? 
2. What is the most surprising thing you've learned about blogging/your blog/you in the blogging process? 
3. First thing that pops to mind when I ask, "what is the best thing that happened to you, today?".
4. If you weren't doing what you presently do or there were no limits to what was possible, what do you dream of doing?  
5. As Fall starts to shift into something that feels closer to Winter, what's your favourite cozy comfort food?

Does anyone have other recommendations of blogs I should look at? Let me know!

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