Friday, December 14, 2012

Beginnings and Endings

Today, I said goodbye to the little people who have been changing my life for the last 5 weeks. Time's been flying. I have  officially submitted my evaluation of my first round of student teaching - one step closer (and 1 quarter done this program!). I can't believe how fast these 5 weeks have flow. Being the standard "leak easy" person I am - I struggled to hold it together, as my co-op teacher asked each child to tell me something "from their heart" while they said good bye. Little faces telling me that they "love me" or that they "hope I come back" or that they "really like me!". Too sweet. They're these amazing little people, who have learned SO much and changed SO much over the super short amount of time that I have been there. It'd be nice to think I taught them things, I know they taught me things - and I know I am going to miss them already. It feels like I just met this class of little learners - and all their quirks. I think about their futures, the people they are growing into being. They're pretty incredible so far. :)

I have been working with them on social studies, discussing the ways we are all unique and special people - and how we're a part of groups. When I asked them why is it important to be a part of groups? I got the response of groups help us learn and grow, they keep us safe, and they teach us how to be our best versions of ourselves which was this incredible echo of my words to them. They told me how their specialness is like snowflakes (that we've done in art), knowing that they're all different and beautiful - and that together they are part of one. It was great to watch, to participate in, and to learn from.

And then, in the shadow side of today, I heard the news of horrid events that happened today in both China and Connecticut. My heart aches and mourns. For those impacted and for those who have so much hurt in them, or anger in them, or emptiness in them - that these things keep happening, not just today, but over and over again. I think of the perfect little people I know, with their frustrating and inspiring moments and I think of those who are now mourning their little people. I think of the amazing teachers I have gotten to known and imagine them striving to protect the little people they are trusted with each day. I am mad at the world - and not really sure how to channel that into something to builds positive contributions to the world today.

So, I am trying to figure out some sort of strategy for that... and remembering and honouring all the beauty that is in the world. I'll tell you more about my little learners soon... they're a good thing to keep in my mind.

hug someone really tight, ok?

Peace to you.

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  1. I think that getting the anger out of your head is a good first step. It's not perfect, but by expressing that something upsets us, we open the door for others to ask why that thing is upsetting and, in doing so, hopefully help move toward eliminating the source of that discomfort.

    That said, this whole situation has been truly awful, and I, too, was left feeling like I didn't know what to say.