Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beginnings of a new year

I used to be more organized. I would send Christmas cards to friends, heck - I used to even make them. As a result, I used to also get them in the mail. (I love getting post!) Perhaps fewer people are sending them now... perhaps I haven't been organized enough to send people my new address, so no post. Hard to really know the cause and effect. That said, I did get a few digital letters this year sharing the going ons of peoples lives this past year and I enjoyed them immensely. So - I thought I would do one too.

This year has been so full. I have had lots to celebrate and enjoy. Just after midnight on new years (day? night? how does that work? I hadn't slept yet...), as a small group of us were still musing the year after the fireworks, the question was posed about the top 3 things that happened this year, that either made you happy, or were big things... or made your top 3. What would you pick?

I chose:

1. Getting married. 
As of now, this is the BEST decision of my life. I have married someone kind and funny. Someone who challenges me and supports me. Someone who I look forward to being with every day. It's great. The "day" itself was perfect, the weather cooperated and we were surrounded by people who love us - and the journey together since then just gets better and better.

I think a few people snuck out of the picture... but this is most everyone.

2. Choosing a new career. 
Technically this is a multi-year event, but the decision was made in 2012 and the beginning of the process was also in 2012. I have started an after-degree in Elementary Education. I did my first round of student teaching this last semester, co-learning with a class of grade one's in Northside Edmonton. I head back to the classroom for courses for me for two more semesters before I am back in the land of teaching, but I am excited by this new beginning. I am fairly certain it will be a good choice for me - and hopefully it'll be good for the small people I will be teaching. I need to find some kind of income in the meantime though... so if you have a lead - do let me know.

3. Getting a puppy
For those who know me well, they know this was a somewhat odd decision for me to be making. We've only had her a few months - and she has stolen a chunk of my heart. Can't say I would consider myself a 'dog person' yet, but I am smitten with mine - so perhaps that's a good start.

This is her brand new and just too cute for words. 
First snow - she loved it!
Getting big, really really fast.
 I am starting to feel like one of those mythical great aunts who think you've grown every time they see you, whether the time is in hours, days, months or years. I swear she grows every time I leave the house...

Anyway - those were my three. I think, given more time to think about it - I could make a very long list. Lots of other things have happened this year. I feel blessed by the closeness and health of my family and I have incredible friends who I am eternally thankful for. Life is pretty darn good, there are of courses ups and downs, but overall - it's been a pretty great year.

I hope that the new year brings you joy and that the world treats everyone a bit more kindly this year - as we try to build a bit more peace, justice, and compassion.

Peace to you~

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