Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring is in the air (and on the trees, and near the ground...)

This past weekend - I went on a lovely camping trip with my love - and our fur friend. It was great. We went up to Young's Point which is near to Vallyview - and totally somewhere I'd go again. I think in a few weeks, those little campsites are going to be great - tucked into the trees and not too close to neighbours.

Spring felt like it was starting to spill out around us. I love the smell of sticky new buds, or muddy patches of pathways, or of brand new flowers. I took a bunch of photos - and thought you might like a view too.

Sad bleeding tree - but again a great smell and super pretty in sunlight
Bird friends - we've been trying to figure out what kind of feather friends these are... ideas?
We're guessing waxwings...
Probably not a good sign that one of the trees kept raining down it's new buds...
Thankfully some of them are staying on the trees.
Our vigilant pup - spent a lot of time 'inspecting' what was around her.
Where's Waldo #1:
Spot the woodpecker - can you see him?
 After our time at Young's Point - we went up to Saskatoon Island where there are SO many creatures (mostly birds) moving through as they migrate. I've been told that there are some very cute little moose there too... but I didn't see them.

Lots of Red Winged Blackbirds

Where's Waldo #2:
Can you see the muskrat?
 I love the beginning flowers of spring. They feel so full of optimism. 

 Right on the lake there were all sorts of shorebirds, including Trumpeter Swans - they look so pretty swimming around, surrounded by the fluffy cattails from last year.

Where's Waldo #3: The last one.
Can you see the Grouse?
I love how you can practically step on them, before you see them.
Anyway - it was a great beginning to a camping season (cause I don't think I will ever be convinced that winter camping in Alberta is a good idea). I hope that you too had a great weekend.

Peace to you~

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