Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chicago - the Shed Aquarium

There are lots of great things about travelling with Tia. She's funny, fun, organized, sweet... we have similar tastes in food, activities, transportation... but something I LOVE about travelling with her is getting to geek out, learning fun science-y things that I would NEVER learn otherwise. It was no different in Chicago. We went to the Shed Aquarium - and it was awesome! I took way too many photos, because I was captivated by all the jellyfish and other things that live under water that I usually don't get to see because 1) I live in the middle of the prairies and 2) most of the super cool things live deep in oceans, where I am somewhat scared to go.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a couple of my favourites. What do you think? Wanna go? I'd love to go back sometime. I didn't get to see everything I had wanted to.

Yep - it's as big as it looks!
I got excited right at the beginning - there are even fish and other ocean things on the lights!
Looking at fish - I decided that cartoons have tainted my brain.
They all have really bizarre voices in my head...
Tia taught me about how sea stars eat! as I questioned why some were so 'puffy'
(guess who has a long way to go before being science-y)

I love the colour of this guy!
Belly up (a great time for a more advanced lesson about eating and movement!)

I have a jelly-problem. I could have watched them bob and float around for days. I need to figure out which photos to get rid of, as I took far too many to store, realistically. Aren't they cool?

These are the first ones that made for a quick (and great lesson on jelly-organs)!
According to the sign - these ones are still babies.

I have to admit, I'm not a great student... I don't remember a lot of what I was taught... BUT these ones live upside down, and have a relationship with the plants that live on them. They were SO pretty!
I can't even fully tell what part is jelly - and what part is plant. So neat.
I love polka-dots - and I think this one looks like it has ruffly pantaloons! I think this kind was my favourite...
but I change my mind a lot.

These ones looked to me like something out a Nintendo game. They were tiny - and adorable!
That said, they move SO fast, it was really hard to get a decent photo.
Another spot for a fun little lesson on barnacles - and how they eat!
Sometimes I forget shrimp have such sweet faces.
I don't remember which was which anymore, but this tank had sea horses, and sea dragons in it -
both were super neat!
The top side of a lot of sea things are pretty cool, but their bellies are just astounding!

It was a lovely adventure.

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