Friday, September 10, 2010

Grad School's becoming fun...

Wow! One class done. I can't believe it. I still feel like I just got here!

The end to our class included group presentations of a conflict analysis model. My group was looking at the border conflict between Colombia and Venezuela. It has been interesting working to collaborate with such diverse points of view on issues that are so complex. The balance of different backgrounds, different political concepts, different understandings of an issue. My group wanted to bring something to our presentation that was a bit different - so we created a short video clip. It was pretty fun - included here for your viewing entertainment. :)

In my last posting - I asked people what their perspectives were on obstacles to peace in Alberta. A couple people got back in touch - thanks so much. It has been really interesting. There are so many different possibilities, especially as we can come to understand the sources, we stand a much better chance of addressing them.

I decided to write my paper on affluence. I saw so many different symptoms of affluence that I see challenging the peace process in Alberta. What do you think? I am still finishing up the paper so you can still offer your two cents. :)

Tonight I am going to San Jose with some friends to the "Jazz Cafe". They say there is a band from Nicaragua playing tonight - which should be fun.
Peace to you!

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