Saturday, September 4, 2010

Drip drip - alas no water...

My second week of classes have completed - I can hardly believe it. Prior to leaving I was thinking about how intense it would be to have courses over three week periods. Even my imagination had no idea... In three weeks I will have read a mountain of articles, completed two reflection papers, two presentations, one scholarly paper and a series of responses to questions following seminars. Whew. This is going to be one heck of a year!

Part of my plan for this weekend is to start on the big paper. The question we were presented is to write about something that we see as "an obstacle to peace in your home context". So - Albertan friends, what do you think is an obstacle to peace at home? I have been thinking about this a lot. Thankfully it doesn't need to be "the" obstacle to peace, just one. I think I will see what you all suggest before I tell you my plan. See if we thinking similarly or not. :)

Sunday I have been invited, along with the other students from UPeace to share in Iftar, a breaking of the fast, which is part of Ramadan. It is very exciting to a part of such a diverse community - who are both willing and excited to share their experiences, culture and traditions.

I realized the other day that I haven't taken a single picture since I got here - I am going to try to do that this weekend as well, show you a bit of what I am seeing. In the midst of rainy season everything is SO green. Today is the third day where we haven't had water. I hope that it returns soon - as I am running out of my little store - and the pile of dishes is bugging me. Small concerns I suppose. I am feeling ready for a shower though. Maybe later today - who knows.

To my Canadian friends - happy long weekend.
peace to you,

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