Monday, January 21, 2013

Another first!

Another first happened this weekend. I curled in my first Bonspiel (which for some reason I keep wanting to call a bon-shpeel, instead of bon-speel). It was lots of fun. My team tapped into their quirky selves, so there was dancing and singing, along with rock slinging, sweeping, and sliding.

I am still quite new to team sports. (This feels like the first team I've ever been on, even though I know that as a child I was on a t-ball/softball team for quite a few years, it doesn't seem to count, because I think I have blocked it from my memory. All I remember of that time is my Dad telling me to keep my "eye on the ball", the time when even though I thought I had my eyes on the ball I caught the ball with my face after it bounced off a rock or something, and doing handstands or cartwheels in the field much to my father's frustration because really... being an out fielder in any children's sport is just boring.) This weekend was lots of fun, and I would recommend finding yourself a curling team and having a go. Did you note that craziness there? I just recommended joining a team!

This photo is a bit of out of context... it's from an earlier game this year.
BUT my rock got game point, and I am still excited. 
That's my team at the far end, watching the other team throw their rock.
Everyone curling up a storm! 
This is Carly's team during the C-level finals. It was a close game, but unfortunately they lost... 
This little dude (James) was pretty cute.
Giggling and exclaiming over watching his Dad (aka Uh-oh) on the ice below.

Anyway - I hope you're finding your own ways to enjoy winter.

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