Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been a busy couple of weeks. School continues to be busy - but on top of that - it's been a festivity filled chunk of time! Last week we celebrated the "North American Festival".

We had a great time. I am still amazed at all the food we prepared. We made:

50 chickens
150 lbs mashed potatoes
28 batches of mac 'n' cheese
30 stuffed squash (for our vegetarian friends)
a mountain of stuffing
fantastic green bean and spinach salad
a lake of gravy
and 42 pies

See - crazy!

The amazing Sara created a "thanksgiving pageant" which I am sure is unlike any other. It started as a conversation between two people from the USA and Canada (as the Canadian students kept saying, throughout our planning, "you do WHAT??") talking about what they love about Thanksgiving, and then some of differences. The pageant was two fold. A "traditional" pageant as you would find in your average American elementary school... and then a bit of new take with a deconstruction of what is missing in that story... Grad school is great fun at times. Sara totally outdid herself - costumes and all, it was great!

The lovely Maham

Just before the "first" encounter.

Haru and crew sang a song by Sarah McLachlan which was beautiful and we were treated to a group dancing a hiphop number.

HipHop wonder!

There was an incredible playlist created - and then we danced and danced and danced! A great time!

This week celebrated Asia Week. There are 44 students, representing 15 countries from Asia studying at UPeace. Last night was the main event - and it was incredible. The food was amazing! Perhaps my next adventure needs to be somewhere in Asia... :)

Throughout the evening students from many different parts of Asia presented some traditional arts, music and dance. I am forever amazed at the astounding talents this student body holds. I thought I would share a couple photos of that too!

Chinese Lion Dance

Some of the women from Korea did a fan dance, representing flowers blooming.

Bollywood came to Upeace!

And so so much more! I don't know if any of them read this - but my many thanks to everyone who participated in creating Asia night - it was wonderful!

I am coming near to the end of my research methods class. I would say that so far, this has been the most challenging course I have taken here, not in content, but in trying to determine my final project. The 'intensive' program they spoke of - seems closer to insane when in the midst of it. I have classes until the end of May and my final project is due on the 27th of June, with graduation on the 15th of July! Wowza! I am trying to contain my project into something small enough to be manageable. Cross your fingers!

Anyway - I should get back to work. :)
Peace to you!

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