Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain, mud and moving mountains!

I have been complaining a fair bit about the rain, the constant downpour. I am sorry. However, the clouds that enclose the town and are beginning to feel like a giant weight. I know there is sky out there, even if it isn’t visible from here. I know shouldn’t complain.

I think I have just hit, what is likely to be the most challenging part of my year here. I am trying to determine the question for my research project. It seems like something that should be exciting, enlivening - identifiable; not confusing and frustrating. Today I was supposed to present two potential ideas in class, which I was feeling kind of freaked out about, but the rain, which I have been bemoaning, interceded. Last night after two days of a non-stop downpour, the lights went out. Se fue la luz! I found out this morning, there was no electricity or water that there has been a landslide and school has been cordoned off - by mud, rock and rain, so, no school today. The rain, in its dreary dripping has given me one more day to sort out my thoughts. For those of you monitoring news, about Costa Rica, don't worry about me. While the landslides and rain are definitely causing problems - I am fine. I imagine school will be closed again tomorrow - although I am hoping they sort out the electricity issues before then. All the media here is about the different rescue work happening. My prayers go out to the families of those who have lost family members or whose family members are missing.

When I was living in Nebaj, Guatemala it was pretty common for the power to go out, especially during rainy season. It was easy, or so it seemed at the time, to learn to live without it. The power would usually go out around 6ish, as the sun was setting - light a few candles – and all was fine. Cooking by candlelight was kind of nice. I have sorted out the primary difference here. My house here is much more dependent on electricity – as I need it for my stove to work. There are so many reasons to love a gas stove – and power outages are certainly one of them. The solution for the day was to run away to a mall in San Jose – where they are almost always certain to have power and warm food, at least for a bit. I guess it is good to know that there are times when malls are good places – not always somewhere that needs to be avoided.

Peace to you!


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