Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh ya - some of the good stuff too!

So it must seem that I live in a giant wet pile of mud by now - which isn't always true. There are times when the sun comes out - and lots of life giving and exciting things also happening along with the puddles and goo. Today I am back in my house, I have both water and electricity - at least for the moment - and the sun is shining. Another landslide has closed the road between here and school though, so it still remains to be seen if we will have class tomorrow or not.

A short while ago - one of the Japanese students had organized a tree planting event. The little trees planted will, in a few years, blossom yellow flowers - which are similar to cherry blossoms. We planted 50 trees at the event - which was great (and yes! the sun came out to join us too!).

My friend Colette - showing off her little tree - prior to being planted.

The event had speeches, singing, drumming and lots of great snacks. I look forward to seeing just how much a tree can grow in a year in this kind of climate!

The last few days of our last class, we were presented on educational changes happening in our home countries. How cool to be a class with 11 other country representatives - great things are happening in the world. I have pretty fantastic classmates! Don't they look like they're educating for something amazing?

Mercedes - Argentina

Rosemary and Ignatius - from Zambia

Maham - Canada/Pakistan

Chisato - Japan

Maricelly - Puerto Rico

Just a few of my fabulous classmates. We have now started our Research Methods class (as I mentioned a couple days ago). I should probably go and do my homework, just in case the road is indeed cleared tomorrow!
Peace to you!

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