Friday, November 26, 2010

Telling Tales

I am still working on my research proposal for my final project. I thought I might explain it a bit - in case anyone had suggestions or ideas. The process is both fun and a bit terrifying. My graduation requirement is a Independent Research Project, pertaining to something in Peace Education. Totally broad - and I am trying to assure that my project doesn't get too big. Right now it is titled, "Telling Tales: A Culture of Peace through Language Arts in Grade 6 Classrooms".

Anyway - I have been in research methods working on my proposal and topic (maybe working isn't quite the right term... perhaps slogging? drooping? struggling?). I am hoping to build off of some of the work of Circling Our World, a literature project I did with ACGC and grade 6 classes for a couple years. My core question - in its present manifestation (it keeps changing) is how, through human rights education and developing solidarity, does elementary fiction and storytelling encourage a culture of peace? It's still likely to shift a bit.. but that's the general framework.

My hope is interview to a gr 6 teacher and a librarian about the kinds of books and stories are used in their classroom/school which promote peace, solidarity, global understanding, etc... I am hoping to see how the stories we read and tell, influence how we tell stories our own stories. In my head - (where everything works out how I dream - which I realize is challenging) I would do two interviews as well as work with the teacher doing a novel study of a book that looks at Human Rights, or Justice or global understanding... something like that and then create an assignment with the teacher where the students write a peace story, in the way they see it - perhaps it is about their community or school, or about sharing, or about justice in someway.... I am hoping I could get permission to receive a copy of the student's stories. Looking at the curriculum learning objectives, specifically for grade 6, I believe it all fits within the general learning objectives, specifically looking at how 'we' respect others and strengthen community, as well as the goals of learning to write with plot, character...

So - what do you think? Do you remember the stories that shaped your life? That changed the way you see the world? What are the stories you tell?

peace to you,

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  1. Perhaps a first question would be "Can solidarity building and human rights education, working through fiction and storytelling encourage a culture of Peace?" and leave the "HOW" for your PhD!